Bonus: ISIS with Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb

This week we bring you a bonus episode from Me and My Muslim Friends, a podcast about Muslim identity and experiences hosted by our friend Yasmin Bendaas, and partially produced this season by Anisa at WUNC.

In this episode, Yasmin interviews Imam AbuTaleb of the Islamic Association of Raleigh about the ideology of ISIS, or Daesh, whose rise can be directly linked to the post-9/11 US invasion of Iraq. We found Imam AbuTaleb's nuanced rebuttal of ISIS' vile rhetoric using Islamic texts a useful counterpoint to the fearmongering and misinformation about Muslim beliefs that has become so common in the last two decades.

Find Yasmin on social media @yasminbendaas, and follow the podcast on Instagram or Twitter.

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Hosts and Producers: Anisa Khalifa and Khadija Khalil

Consulting Producer: Paroma Chakravarty

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