Episode 6

Putting the humanity into history with Dr. Jasmine Gani [Part 1]

Dr. Jasmine Gani, a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of St. Andrews, sits down with us for a deeply moving conversation about her journey through the academy, as a student and a teacher, as well as her experiences with community organizing. Our discussion was so wide-ranging that we had to split it into two parts!

In Part 1, we talk about confronting the open and extreme hostility against Muslims after 9/11, university life, being thrust into activism, and how we can find support and friendship in unexpected places.


Read Jasmine’s brilliant article on how Europe's militarism is rooted in the racialisation of Islam and Muslims, and how that's internalised by postcolonial states like Syria.

Find Jasmine’s other work on her blog.

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